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College of life sciences, founded in 1956, is one of the departments of Chongqing Normal University at the beginning of school set up. College of the existing biology and ecology two first level discipline master's degree authorization points, teaching (biological) and agricultural extension (crops, horticulture, plant protection, aquaculture and food processing and food safety) professional master's degree granting. Animal studies is "fifteen", "eleven five" municipal key disciplines, ecology is "1025" municipal key disciplines. Run the biological science, biotechnology, food quality and safety of full-time undergraduate. So far, has been training graduate students and full-time college students, more than 7000 people. After more than half a century of development and several generations of life science study and work hard, excellent conditions for running school of software and hardware, education and scientific research undertakings flourish. We have active substances of Biological Technology Engineering Research Center of Ministry of education, Chongqing Key Laboratory of animal biology, Chongqing University biological activity material engineering research center, University of Chongqing Key Laboratory of animal biology, animal science, Animal Science City Municipal innovation team teaching team, biological sciences, life sciences, municipal municipal specialty experimental teaching demonstration Center platform. Have "Liangjiang scholar" professor positions, is China Entomological Society executive director of the unit, Chongqing Entomological Society linked units. College of the existing staff 66 people, there are other school study margin accounted for 80.36%, teachers under 45 years accounted for 76%. Among them, are 23 senior titles, 24 associate professors, 38 doctoral, master's 18. "The national candidate for the talents of the new century" 1 people, Chongqing city "1 Liangjiang scholars", "Chongqing City Bayu scholars distinguished professor", Chongqing City, 2 academic leaders of 5 technology, special government allowance winner 4, Chongqing City, "Hundred Talents Program" for 1 people, Chongqing City teacher 1, Chongqing city of academic leader 3 people, excellent technical personnel 1 people, Chongqing City, Chongqing City, the first batch of professional higher education talents support plan for 1 people, Chongqing first aid program for young college teachers for 2 people. There are 6 doctoral tutor, tutor of master 27 people, out of school part-time master's tutor 23. The special including academician Xiang Zhonghuai, Qi Zhengwu and Lin Haoran, 10 famous scholars as visiting professor. After nearly ten years of construction, the gradual formation of a in the title structure, age structure and academic structure more reasonable, with great potential for development of teaching and research team, provide a good teaching conditions for the improvement of education level of teaching and scientific research. Development goals: in the west, the domestic has an important influence, part of the field to achieve or maintain the international advanced level. Both types of college education: teaching and scientific research. Level of Education: undergraduate education and graduate education development. Subject characteristics: Animal Science and molecular biology as the focus, the coordinated development of disciplines. Service area: based in Chongqing, facing the country, radiation. School motto: To explore the mystery of life, the promotion of human development. Today's Life Sciences College is a brand-new toward diversified, comprehensive, high level institute. She will shoulder the historical task of new, further development of science and technology, to cultivate more innovative talents, and make new contributions to China's social and economic development.